“Rhino Story” collection comes alive

R-h-i-n-o-c-e-r-o-s-e-s!!! How often do you think about rhinoceros? Exactly! I was wondering about how many things are out there what we don’t think about. It is not like we have to think about everything, but it could be interesting to think about things you never thought before of. I think our life would be better and may be we wouldn’t feel so stuck.

So it happened to me to think about rhinoceroses. And I came to conclusion “OMG, they are gorgeous! I gotta paint them”.  I knew just one it won’t be enough. My goal is to show you those animals from my artistic perspective. Look at the construction of theirs bodies, skin texture, size and weird horns. I made it easy for you to adopt your own rhino and think again how beautiful this world is!

I wanted to give you a new perspective on rhinos. Many people see them as huge ugly monsters, but it is not what they are. I turned them into statement pieces, that can reflect your individual and unique taste. To give you a chance to bring something unusual in your life, something you never thought you would like.












































































































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