The most common question I hear besides ” where is your accent from?”, it is ” where do you get your website pics 1inspiration from?”
Inspiration – not a problem! The problem is- to get enough of life to paint everything that’s  on my heart:), maybe I need two lives, or eternity will be just fine. I don’t wait for inspiration to come. I go for it. I learn to see beauty in usual things. I think if we apply this principal in the other spheres of our life it will change it, but I am still learning that. My son said ” Mom, you are weird, you like things that nobody else likes and you don’t like things that everybody else likes”. I don’t know what to say. I guess I like a lot of things everybody else likes, but there is something in his words.

website picsI like to observe. Sometimes I find myself staring at someone I don’t even know, just because I am painting his/her cheekbones in my head or I am trying to figure out the shade of persons skin. And Im used to the questions like ” is there anything wrong with me, why are you staring at me?” Awkward … But who cares. And then I run home and start painting flowers, because I got inspired by a person. Not logical, I know, but this is the way it works.

I enjoy looking at other artists work , and see the same feelings I have on their paintings ,I see them understanding me without even knowing me, that’s very inspiring! I love Van Gogh, Gustav Climt, Michelangelo.

van klimt







The world is to big to complain for lack of inspiration in it, and life is to short to wait for it. Just go for it! Our world is a cruel and sad place? Yes, of course, but beautiful and exciting to. And the goal of art is not just to make everything look happy, but to relate to people’s hearts, meet them wherever they are: in their sadness, happiness, quest, excitement, desperation. All those things are beautiful. Inspiration is unlimited. Go for it and get it, find it in everything you do. There is more, then the things we can see, there is more of this life then what we live. So there are some words from my heart to your heart: THINK, DREAM, BELIEVE, SEARCH, LONG FOR MORE, GET INSPIRED AND BE THE INSPIRATION, LOVE, PRAY.

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