Why i am an artist and what does it mean to be an artist.

Its about that time to start my blog. I thank you everyone who started following me  even before I’ve started writing . You guys were a big encouragement in the ups and downs of an artist’s  life. and you made me want to start my blog over again, just to share my art experience, my paintings and my thoughts with yphoto5ou and to make some

new friends.
I want to tell you about myself more personally then on my official web site, and I want to let you know why I am an artist and what it means to be an artist. Being an artist it is not an easy job that might seem from the very first sight. It is very exciting and pleasant job but at the same time can be discouraging and depressing. If you are an artist you might face the day when you choose between do the other responsibilities you have or painting a new piece of art because the new idea is buzzing in your mind for the last week and doesn’t let you sleep, or something like should you buy a new canvas or lunch for yourself (canvas always wins:)) , or you have to try to understand those people who don’t take you seriously and suggest you to get a “normal” job and finally to become an adult and many more other stuff. But it is not something I able to change, this is who I am and not doing what’s on my heart means not to be myself and it is like suicide. is the art important? Many people think no and I doubted myself. How can you compare artist to those precious bread makers , mechanics and teachers ?  Take the art out of your life and picture what it will look like. That’s right. You won’t  get a cute valentine card,you won’t  have a cup with a nice drawing on it and you will have a very grey and boring houses that will never feel like home. Art is important , and original art is important. It is an expression of other person inner world, it is emotions and talent put togeunnamedther on canvas to make it all visible for other people. Art is important.

Now, why I am an artist. I don’t like to be part of a system. No, I am not against many forms of system, some of them are very good and bring order in our lives, but some of them are mind killing. It hurts my heart when talented and gifted people have to do something they hate just to stay alive. They get into a slavery  of working everyday at the same place hating it all. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all the hard workers that make our lives easier and possible, and those are important people. the problem is they hate it and it is hard to see a beautiful singer never open up her talent because she is working at McDonalds or excellent actor washing cars craving to let his inner world out. It happens every day. So I want to work towards my dream and make it possible, because I am an artist.
I thank you for reading to the end. I hope you will be  and we will become friends. Please feel free to follow, comment and share my blog .I Appreciate you all.

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